Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! NOT SCOOTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I regret to inform everyone that what the Michigan Daily said about Scooter Vaughn is true. Truly truly regrettable. He did not make the All CCHA Freshman team. What kind of blind idiot would not put this great man on that team. He's the best, he's got the speed, the toughness, the ability to do whatever it takes to get the puck out of the zone on defense, and keep it in on offense. He is the epitome of everything you want out of a college level defenseman. Yes he's a little unrefined in some ways more than others, but so is Max Pacioretty, who was the only one of Michigan's many fine freshman to make the freshman team this year.

Unfortunately this is the least of Scooter's or Coach Berenson's problems this week. He broke his jaw in apparently an incident with an unnamed teammate over the weekend and is unlikely to play until next week at the very least. There are two things that are interesting about this, first, instead of going through with having a wire in his jaw like a normal person would through this situation, he opted to have surgery and currently has nuts and bolts in his mouth (yes i mean literally, you dirty minded idiots). The second thing is the incident itself that interests me quite a bit at this time, I would think and hope that the incident was just the result of a bit of playful roughhousing that ended up getting a little carried away.

Sometimes that stuff will go way farther than it's intended purposes. I can think of a personal example when this happened, i was in Thanksgiving Day wrestling match up with my cousin Ben who was actually beating me well a few minutes into our unofficial match in his basement. He was trying to get me into submission when all of a sudden i got free and the tables turned and i put him in a choke hold so hard that had he not tapped out i could've killed him. AND THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN VERY BAD!!!! I love my cousin Ben like a younger brother and the only thing he's ever done to get back at me for that is go to Michigan State (he he). I'm glad he never pressed charges against me for that

The other possibility, and i am in no way saying this is what happened, is that there was a legitimate argument that devolved into violence, or worse it could have been the result of racist remarks. If the latter is the case, the perpetrator of the incident should be thrown off the team. I highly doubt that was the case, because if it was we the public would know if somebody would have been thrown off the team. However we know that Red Berenson has a reputation for being tight lipped with the media and not revealing details about what goes on with players and suspensions or what the reasons are for why players leave or are kicked off of the team.

If the incident that led to Scooter's inaction leads to a loss in the series vs. UNO, Coach Berenson may want to think about rethinking this policy. But as of right now that's the least of his problems. He now has to find a replacement for Scooter on the back line who can play the point and the sweeper as well skate fast, whose name doesn't happen to be Kevin Quick. Good luck with that Red!

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