Thursday, March 6, 2008

Daily Broomball game 1

Disclaimer: This game happened Wednesday @ 12:30 so i know this is kinda late.

The Michigan Daily played their first broomball game of the season this past wednesday, a game they quite frankly should've won. The Daily outshot their opponents 13-8 but lost on a goal in which two of the three guy players slipped and the goalie was out of the box cause he was trying to clear. Now for the details.

I started both halves in goal i probably played a total of about five or six minutes, the rest of the game was handled by Anthony Oliviera. His capable hands nearly got us through the game with a point. Unfortunately fate has ways of messing with you. With his Hasek like scary moves and his great stickwork he turned away anything that came his way when in goal.

Now for the offensive side of the story. For pete's sake Andy, Courtney and Lindsey learn how to elevate your shots, we would've won the game if we could've gotten at least two shots in the air, if we can do that we'll be able to win any game with Anthony in goal.



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