Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daily Broomball part 3: VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Won!!! We Won!!! We shot the BB gun!!!

They lost!!! They lost!!!

We showed them who is boss!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen the Michigan Daily newspaper's broomball team in the co-rec intramural league of the University of Michigan finally won a game. The final score was 6-2 because all of our goals were scored by women on our team and goals by women count for two goals. It was the first time all season we played physical and matched up well with our opponents. Not only that we fought off their forecheck and were able to execute pretty darn well on our own.

It took about five minutes for our first goal to come from our copy editor Lindsey Ungar to give us a 2-0 lead. We were so happy that we finally scored that we unfortunately got a little lax on defence especially in the blocked shots department. Something that we will have to work on before we go to the playoffs.

Don't talk about playoffs!!! Talk about the game

Anyways they came back aggressive, took a shot at our goalie Jose who made save but was run into by the opposing shooter and knocked on the ice surface. He would sit the rest of the half on the bench, but thankfully would return and pitch a shutout in the second. In spite of the fact that i took a nasty fall on the ice surface and bruised my elbows just a few minutes earlier my teammate Ian appointed me goalie in Jose's stead. I told him i wasn't ready, but he wouldn't listen. And nobody else volunteered so i had to, i promptly let one in, not intentionally, i just wasn't ready to play in goal. Thankfully, it was a guy goal so it didn't tie the game for them. But i had to come out. The problem was nobody initially came in for me, so we only had four people on the ice and none of them were a good goalie and the other team scored another one to tie it.

By this point there were 5 minutes left in the half and around then our offense got physical. We forechecked we thwarted all shot attempts and attempts to clear the ball, we didn't let them get any rushes on Ian, who was in goal at the time. Finally with about 30 seconds left in the half Courtney Ratkowiak put one in on a beautiful backhand shot that gave us the 4-2 lead at half time.

For another look at it i turn it over to my colleague Lindsey Ungar.

YOST ICE ARENA - Maybe it was "Call on Me" blaring from the speakers before the game. Or
maybe it was the new t-shirts, emblazoned with The Michigan Daily flag.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was that the Daily Brooms finally scored. Six points, to be

Courtney Ratkowiak popped in the game-winning goal before the first half ended, and MVP
candidate Bridget O'Donnell scored twice in a 6-2 win over the team known simply as

"You know what my shirt smelled like afterward?" O'Donnell asked. "Victory."

Goaltender H. Jose Bosch turned aside all Ch-Ch-Ch-Cheyea shots, but was forced out of
the game after an unfortunate shot hit him down there. Ian Robinson and Charlie Clinton
split time before Bosch returned to celebrate the win from the crease.

But it wasn't just the shorthanded lineup - only eleven players suited up for the Brooms
- that somehow made this victory possible.

"Make sure to thank Nate (Sandals)," Ratkowiak said of the clutch Managing Sports Editor,
who rushed Ratkowiak and Mike Eisenstein to Yost just in time for faceoff.

Next up for the Brooms? Playoffs.

"I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight," manager Lindsey Ungar said. "With this win and
the character we have in the locker room, I know a championship is on the horizon."

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