Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daily Broomball part 2: a.k.a. frustration

If i were Kevin Borseth i'd be pounding the living crap out of podiums on this blog after this game. But i'm not so right now i'm just pounding the crap out of the keyboard here in the UGLI. What the hell man? Why can't we score a goal? We've got good players, a decent goaltending tandem, why haven't we scored? I know that this is supposed to be intramural sports and it's just supposed to be a fun activity.


Screw that, play sports no matter how minor or who it's against creates a release for my competitive impulses. In my previous post i talked about how i nearly killed my cousin in an informal wrestling match, if you think i get worked up on TV you should see me when i'm actually playing something. I once ran over a third baseman in a pick up game of softball at a church picnic, at work and right before the game and right after i'm nice and cracking jokes but once the whistle blows, or the ump yells play ball. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of competitiveness please tune into WOLV TV or to view the first game of what should be Michigan's ridiculously competitive series vs. UNO on Friday.

Stayed tune to the blog after taping on Thursday for my exclusive preview of the series.

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Tim said...

Charlie, you are an internet star.