Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Massacre and The Slugfest

I'm not sure how to sum up this past weekend, but i do know this, Michigan has one of the deepest teams in college hockey. Oh yeah, and Carl Hagelin is the swede-ist shooter to hit Yost in quite some time. Chad Kolarik also picked up right where he left off.

The first game was really something i have to say, and once Tim puts the highlights up it should be very interesting to see how things looked out there. Normally you can remember the first goal of the game easily, not that day, i had to watch the highlights on mgoblue to remember what happened. To be honest the first two goals came and went so quickly i had a hard time figuring out what happened. The weirdest part about it was that none of the goals interrupted my sideline report. Although it would often be several minutes before i could go on, and i would often just be standing in front of the camera doing nothing, until the whistle blew. Which apparently got me some attention in both Michigan and Omaha circles. Most of it negative, i'll get some links tomorrow.

Back to the game itself Chad Kolarik was so impressive, i'd be surprised if he didn't overtake Kevin Porter in the Hobey tracker on Inside College Hockey this week. I was most impressed by the fact that a penguin suit ended up on the ice after the third goal, and that the "Water Buffalo" was actually the founder of WOLV.

As for Carl Hagelin, if ESPN cared, or had any contacts with WOLV they would've asked for footage of the goal. But seeing that the game was already in the bag by then and also that ESPN plain and simply doesn't care, it went by un noticed, for now.

Other idiosyncrasies: Friday's game was the first time i've ever witnessed the wave done at Yost Ice Arena. Also, in the photos posted on mgoblue, after the 10th goal the fans in the student section lifted a girl up and down ten times to symbolize how many points they had, like at the football games. I didn't actually see this, i was probably too busy grinning at the fact the refs didn't stop the game to let the opponents get off the ice for fear of further embarrassment. That being said i don't condone said action by the fans especially in a place like Yost, while i love their enthusiasm, that stuff is just plain dangerous, and she should be really glad none of the guys who threw her didn't drop her on the way down.

I didn't see the second game of the series because the cable Nazis at comcast local didn't want to stream their broadcast live over the internet, so basically everyone without digital cable was left in the cold. Not only that, but the stat tracker for CSTV was not working for this particular game, leaving me no choice but to follow the game via the Daily's live blog the game.

It must have been a really exciting game because the score was 2-1 Michigan, there was Brandon Naurato goal, and Max Pacioretty got into a fight. Unfortunately mgoblue didn't show the fight so for now i'm going to have to guess what it looked like. Hopefully somebody will post a youtube video of it eventually. So i can actually how bad a whooping Patch put on the guy to get a one game suspension.

Hopefully Patch's absence will not hurt the team, and they can replace him with somebody good. Right now Carl Hagelin seems like a good fit, but he's very much in tune with the line he's on now and has rarely ever played with Porter and Kolarik, if ever. But that's another matter. I also hope that Matt Rust and Scooter Vaughn will be able to play on the championship weekend, simply because Michigan's not a complete team without them.



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