Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Forget Terrelle Pryor, we have Justin Feagin

As everybody knows now Pryor has committed to Ohio State. Now everybody is either saying either good riddance or we shouldn't have driven him to that school in Columbus. I personally take the former position, because we have a top level recruit at quarterback in our own right in Justin Feagin.

I recently found a video of Justin Feagin's highlights in the Florida high school football playoffs posted on youtube by the Michigan Sports Center blog. Once i get my computer fixed i'll post it on my site. The most remarkable thing that i saw on the video was that he made a 60 yard touchdown run, and a 60 yard touchdown pass in the same game!!! 45 of those yards on the TD pass were him, the other 15 was YAC.

Now i know he's an incoming freshman and expecting him to be able to do something like that would be completely unreasonable right now. But once he gets some experience and starts getting some experience eluding these big ten defenses that he's gonna be dealing with. Other schools are gonna be wondering why they didn't get this guy. This guy has gotta be one of the most underrated QB's of this recruiting class just judging from the video.

Personally i'll be surprised if the Pryor hype machine lives up to its expectations. Stuff this over hyped rarely ever does, anybody remember Kelly Baraka, look him up, you'll see what i mean.

And for those of you who doubt a Florida kid's ability to measure up in the midwestern cold, just remember these two Michigan greats, Anthony Carter and Brian Griese. Both came out of the sunshine state they both had great careers in the maize and blue, and they both had long pro football careers, case closed.

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