Sunday, February 3, 2008

A tied up weekend

Michigan came up with two out of a possible four points at their series against Northern Michigan, and it couldn't have felt more disappointing for the Wolverines. I was covering Saturday's game for WOLV tv (highlights will be available on monday from youtube, courtesy of Sullivti) and let me tell you, the defense seem to really struggle without Kevin Quick.

I think it's weird that a guy who's only scored two goals despite playing the whole season, could have such an impact on the team. But hockey is often times like soccer in the fact that the real statistics aren't always the ones invovlving scoring, with Quick around the Wolverines rarely ever gave up breakaway chances or odd man rush goals, they seem to have done this in the past two games of the series, which is unacceptable and is probably making Coach Berenson a little "Red" in the face.

The other thing that's kind of weird about this situation is how Kevin Quick got kicked off the team in the first place. I've talked to both members of the Michigan Daily and my collegues at WOLV and it seems that Berenson and co. are keeping as airtight a lid as you can find on a potential sports scandal as you can find on this campus. More on this developing story as the information becomes available. BTW there are a few rumors that i heard with absolutely no proof or sources so i figured that as a good journalist i shouldn't print them.

To cut to the point Michigan can ill afford to play like this against a team as good as Miami next weekend. That being said i am looking forward to seeing a very good game on FSN this weekend. If Michigan can look at what they did wrong in the past four games and figure out a way to fix it, they will be reaping some benefits of at least two points against the Redhawks, however two points against the Redhawks will probably be less satisfactory to the Wolverines than two points against the Wildcats from this weekend. What Michigan needs to do to get out of this slump is to not think that they can win the game, KNOW THAT THEY WILL WIN THE GAME.

As Yoda once said, "Do or do not, there is no try!"

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