Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spell this Buckeye fans: M-I-C-H-I-G-A-N


WHAT DOES IT SPELL????????????????????



Sorry if i sound a little carried away, i just rushed the court after the Maize and Blue's great upset over the hated overlording Buckeyes of Ohio State. Led by Manny "er-a er-a Fresh er-a er-a Fresh" Harris' 27 points, the Wolverines made it great to be in the state of Michigan for Big Ten basketball fans who don't root for the school in E. Lansing. An amazing game that just showed the possibility that this team can comeback and break the dreaded curse of Ed Martin. Let's go to the recap.

I bought two tickets to the game and was supposed to meet someone there, but they didn't show up, i went in anyway. It was back and forth throughout the first half with neither team able to get an advantage higher than five, with about 25 seconds left in the first half we took a 38-36 lead, ten seconds later they answered and we couldn't, the score at halftime was tied.

I was sitting in the section next to the Buckeye fans at Crisler, so i kept on hearing these four letter chants of some state to the south of us (you know the one i'm talking about). I retorted "How do you spell our school?"

Rich Rodriguez made a speech at halftime but i couldn't hear it cause the disrespectful buckeye fans kept yelling Tressel. We told em have some respect, you'll be working for us one day. All i heard Rodriguez say was "I'm not going to make a prediction." That was a bitter disappointment for me, my attitude towards that school in Columbus is if they if they start biting at you, bite back.

The second half started and we wasted little time in driving to the basket fairly consistantly and also making a concerted effort to contest all of the Buckeye shots. Thanks to the stellar defense of Ekpe Udoh, Manny Harris and Deshawn Sims the men in the maize and blue built a 58-48 lead before OSU made a 10-2 run. At this critical juncture in the game it was the freshest Manny of em all to drive to the bucket and draw the ever crucial foul, it was the second to last foul the nuts had to give, and soon enough the Wolverines were in the one and one and were looking to coast to a victory.

Fast-forward to about 10 seconds left in the game DeShawn Sims is about to shoot free throws. I'm still sitting in the upper level and suddenly a voice in my head tells me, "Charlie, you will rush the court." i promptly left my seat tried to get down the stairs as quickly as possible and eventually sidestepping at least three people i got to the floor where a security gaurd said, "Don't run me over." Politely enough i didn't.

It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine. It's great to be a Michiga Wolverine. It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine. It was like a rock concert everybody jumping up and down and going absolutely bonkers.

Now that i'm coming down off that high i now have midterms to do. Thank you for allowing me to ramble about basketball on what is primarily a hockey blog.


Tim said...

That word is way too long for them to know what it spells.

Charles said...

lol, that's my point.