Thursday, February 14, 2008

Interviews at saturday's game vs. Lake St

On saturday's game i will be doing some interviews of fans at this saturday's game. I will be trying to find out why the fans love college hockey, and i'm expecting any and all answers to be found. As a matter of fact i'm not gonna try and have any expectations other than that i'm gonna get interviews. I'm not just gonna ask students either, i'm gonna try some of the alum and the older folx to tell me what draws "respectable" people to a place like yost. lol

I will be posting the video in WOLV and uncensored versions (if they have to be seperated ;).

I also may indeed make a whole series of this if i can get enough people interested. If you wanna share your story about how much you love college hockey, but are unable to come to the game on saturday, leave a comment on this blog post and i will interview you for WOLV TV.

till then...



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