Thursday, February 7, 2008

Things people should start giving up.

Seeing as the lenten season is upon us I thought it would be fitting to talk about somethings that i think that other people should be giving up. Maybe we can reach our goals together.

Afterthought: i would've made this post on Ash Wednesday, but things were a little crazy for me that day so, it didn't work out. Also these are just suggestions i think are fitting or kinda funny.

Michigan Hockey team: giving up tie games and overconfidence.

Red Berenson: giving up keeping secrets from the media.

Jeff Zatkoff: giving up more goals than Billy Sauer in the series this weekend.

Mark Mitera: giving up putting the puck into his own net.

The United States of America: giving up the two party system and electing the Anarchy party.

Asterisk advocates: giving up chace on the steroid issue, you might as well put asterisks next to Ty Cobb's batting average, even he admitted that the only reason why he hit .367 lifetime was cause he scared the crap out of the infielders w/ his spikes.

Michigan athletic department: giving up the John Bieline offense.



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