Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kevin Quick: Why??????

The way Kevin Quick played was really helpful to the Michigan hockey team. Hanging back at the point, and when the offense couldn't hold it in and the opponents thought they had a chance at a rush for the goal Kevin Quick could be depended to hang back and stop it.

When Red Berenson announced that Kevin Quick was suspended from the team for "A gross violation of team trust..." that apparently, "hadn't been the first time that it happened." The first thing i thought was, "i wonder what Red means."

My initial assumption was drugs, either steroids or narcotics. But it was wrong, completely wrong as it turns out. The reason he was kicked off the team was because he stole his roommate's credit card to pay off his own debts. His roommate: Carl Hagelin.

I can only imagine the scene after Hagelin after he found out.

setting: Yost locker room after practice, Hagelin recieves a phone call from the credit card company that his credit card has been used without his permission.
Hagelin: Hey roomie did you use my credit card
Quick: yeah, man we talked about that right?
Hagelin: yeah and i specifically told you, no.
Quick: yeah well i needed to do it anyways.
Hagelin: Kevin, Why do you feel the need to do this? Why don't you ask your mom for money? You know Sweden's just like any other place in the world, money doesn't grow on trees, just cause we got free health care doesn't mean we've all got a million bucks to lend out.
Quick: sorry man, i just thought we had an understanding.
Red: something going on fellas?
Hagelin: yeah, Kevin just stole my credit card again.
Red: Whaddya mean again?
Hagelin: he's always bagging on me for money, talking about how cause i'm Swedish i automatically get free stuff at Ikea, which i don't. And then he goes off and uses my card to pay off stuff anyways.
Red: Kevin, what the hell do ya think you're doing? Carl works just as hard as you do, but you feel the need to take from him? There's no need to have that attitude here at Michigan, pack your bags you're coming w/ me!

Like i said i can only imagine what happened. I'd be surprised if the two didn't go at it and Hagelin didn't try any of those super-secret Swedish army techniques on an unsuspecting Kevin Quick, not a good guy to mess with.



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