Saturday, February 16, 2008

A bittersweet victory

The story of this past weekend's series against Lake Superior State was Chad Kolarik. As a matter of fact he was the story of the hockey team this whole weekend, he played the girl part of Dirty Dancing in Mock Rock, which oddly enough suited him quite well. Then on friday he scored his second 4-goal game of the year, in front of my parents and myself.

Let's pause it right there and look at that particular game. The last of those goals was an empty netter and it put him one goal behind his Hobey front-runner teammate Kevin Porter, 24-25 respectively. When asked to talk about his own chances at winning hockey's equivilant of the Heisman Trophy he modestly stated that he did not want the award, that this was Kevin Porter's year, and he reinterated something he said at the beginning of the year when he told the media that one of his primary goals was to help Kevin Porter win the Hobey Baker. If that isn't a great teammate than i don't know who is.

In game two Michigan got the performance they desperately needed out of their secondary lines. Louie Caporusso scored a pair and Michigan was cruising through the third period when Michigan went down two men, and while Michigan was in the late stages of killing off the first penalty Chad Kolarik did the splits and couldn't get up. He could still move his arms, demonstrating that by trying to poke check the puck away to a teammate in a valiant effort to stay relevant on the ice while the refs looked for an excuse to blow the whistle to get him off the ice. It was remarkable that he kept playing reaching around trying to get the puck despite the fact that he couldn't stand up let alone skate. Hopefully he is not seriously injured.

Due to Kolarik's extremely eventful weekend, many other team and CCHA related events might get pushed aside in the process. Such as the fact that Michigan did a slight return to form in the third period on Friday outshooting the Lakers and outscoring them for the first time in two weeks. Coach Berenson has to be really pleased with the performance he got from his secondary line on Saturday's game. The fact that the #1 line didn't have to score and they still won shows the depth that this team has. Also the performance of Bryan Hogan was remarkable in the fact that he came in and shut down a team that had come in on a mini hot streak on saturday.

One more thing: if Michigan gets two points this upcoming weekend against that school up in East Lansing, Michigan will clinch their first regular season CCHA title in three years. If they do that against MSU someone should remind them to thank Ferris State the weekend after that for sweeping Miami this weekend. That's a huge thing for Michigan this year.



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