Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daily Broomball: PLAYOFFS PART 1

With Jose Bosch being mysteriously absent from the beginning of the game i had to start in goal. Initially i made two saves, and we jumped out to a 2-0 lead when Lindsey Ungar scored in the first minute of the game. Unfortunately in the first five minutes we played mostly in offensive mode, ignoring the fact that there was a girl for the opposing team up front trying to knock anything that came out in front into the net. Their other girl made a shoot in on net, because i was standing up i initially waited for the one in front of the net to make a move first, it wasn't until the ball was at my feet right under the net that it was in danger of going in and if i didn't do something soon it would. I dropped to the ice surface as fast as i could and tried to grab the ball, my inability to get a firm grip on the ball led to it going in the net.

I would spend my next shift on defense.

Ian took over in goal, did a decent job, but we really had to help him. The simple fact was he was not prepared to be in goal, and was sitting on his knees for virtually the rest of the game. Fortunately for us our opponents couldn't elevate their shots to save their lives. Also it didn't hurt that me and Mckenzie Rosman were in the back preventing all scoring chances from becoming fruitful and making sure Ian didn't have to make the save.

We won the game 7-4 with goals from Lindsey, Courtney, Andy Reid, and two from Jason Kohler. The last of which was an empty netter at the last second which i got an assist on, to register my first points of the season. I should have had two that night however. I took a shoot in towards the end of the first half, i somehow got the ball through a crowd of people to Kohler, who was right in front of the net to take a really solid slap shot on it that happened to be gloved by their goalie.

Oh well, we won, that's all that matters.

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