Thursday, January 8, 2009

Indiana game: a retrospective.

There is no way Michigan should have been down by 17 at the half against the decidedly un-vaunted for a change Indiana Hoosiers. As a matter of fact the way i saw it, i was surprised that they weren't down by more at that time period. When i left my apartment at halftime to go to an undisclosed location where i ended up watching the second, I was considering writing a tirade about how the Michigan basketball team should be forbidden from scheduling games on Wednesdays.

Michigan's miraculous run back to tie the game was shocking to say at the very least. I'm so used to seeing the wolverine basketball team collapse under the weight of a huge deficit but this turned out to be the second time that they turned a 20 point deficit into a victory. They needed overtime this time just like against Savannah State. But this was on the road in conference play, and a win against Indiana in basketball is still a win against Indiana no matter how you look at it. It doesn't matter that the Hoosiers are on probation, it doesn't matter that they're starting four freshman for the first time in school history. What does matter is that Michigan basketball is back, they have beaten the Hoosiers at Assembly Hall for the first time since Jimmy King and Ray Jackson were seniors.

What matters is that the wolverines are back in consideration for their first Big Ten title since 1986 after being in danger of falling to the last place team in the conference, as well as falling to 1-2, putting them in dangerous territory to drop out of the race entirely. Now they have space to recover, space that allows them to beat Michigan State in Crisler Arena. Space that might afford them another loss which might hurt, but won't kill the maize and blue's tournament chances. All that matters this year for the athletic department this year is that Michigan make one of the major money making ventures in college sports, the last ten years they've made bowl games but not the NCAA men's basketball tourney. This year could be the first time since 1974 that vice versa is the case.

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