Friday, November 28, 2008

And now for something happy and positive: Basketball

When i saw Manny Harris and the guys beat UCLA at the Garden last Thursday. When i saw them blow out Norfolk State on Tuesday i felt that this is Michigan basketball back again. This team is in full force and they'll be able to at the very least challenge for an NCAA tournament berth. If they can start executing like they did against Norfolk every game they will be one of the best teams in the country by the end of the season and there will be no reason why they shouldn't go to the tournament. But they have to get past the brunt of their schedule first.

After taking on Savannah State tomorrow in a game they should be able to win. Michigan has to go into College Park to take on the Terrapins. Maryland just beat that school from East Lansing last night and beat them quite convincingly i might add. Not only did they beat the Spartans they beat them at a neutral site arena just like the Wolverines beat the Bruins in New York. This is crucial for Michigan's comeback, if they can beat a team who's in a similar situation of trying to comeback from mediocrity back into national prominence they will be energized going into the Big Ten season no matter how they do against Duke later at home.

While i do realize that it is a long season and that it's hard for things to go right all the time but i have to say that this team has me excited right now. It might be the beginning but it seems like the beginning of a beautiful and inspiring story that makes me feel like a little girl watching one of those Julie Andrews movies from the sixties. I hope it ends as well as it has begun.

I can't get over how happy this makes me feel.



for real this time.

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