Monday, May 5, 2008


Anger trigger number one: Ekpe Udoh is transferring.

To Ekpe i have nothing but questions:

Ekpe, Why did you decide to leave? Doesn't Michigan count as part of your family, weren't you concerned for your teammates? Don't you value a world class education while being able to attract NBA scouts? Was the weather in Michigan really that bad? Was it Beiline's fault?????

To Beiline i have very little other than rage:

Dang you Beiline, why couldn't you convince Ekpe to stay???? Are you still oblivious to the way big ten basketball is played??? Do you realize what position this puts the basketball team in, we have no defense or inside presence without him!!! Do you realize that or are you so obsessed with getting a good outside shooter that you would sacrifice our only great defender???

Do you plan on recruiting guys who can play defense to play with Manny and Wright, because if you do you'd better get them now!!!!

Anger Trigger Number Two: Big Ten softball championships.

I understand that Michigan and Northwestern ended both of their regular season's tied for the big ten championship. What i really don't understand is how they ended up deciding the host of the big ten tournament by flipping a coin. I'll admit i wouldn't be ranting about this if the coin had landed in favor of Michigan, but shouldn't the host spot go to the team that had the better regular season record. If that were the case then the Wolverines would have hosted because they have only lost five games all season compared to the Wildcats eleven. Michigan is also the sixth ranked team in the country they went 5-1 against ranked non-conference opponents before splitting with the 12th ranked Wildcats. I highly doubt Northwestern's record is nearly as impressive.

Anger Trigger Number Three: No Original Six Stanly Cup!!!!

With both Montreal and the New York Rangers falling in five games in their second round playoff matches the only original six team left standing is my own home town Detroit Red Wings. While i love the Detroit Red Wings a lot, i feel that i am an old time hockey fan more. I hate the fact that all these teams started migrating south under Gary Bettman's leadership of the NHL, it just made no sense to me.


This year i thought that things would be different, i thought that if two northern teams were to play for the Cup hockey would at least have a return to some of the former dignity it used to have. And i thought what better way than to have two original six squads duke it out. As of yesterday, it is no longer meant to be and i am sad for it. While i remain happy that the Red Wings are still in the hunt for the Cup and i also am glad to see two northern teams in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia fighting for the Eastern crown, i cannot help but despise the presence of the Dallas Stars in NHL's final four.

How is it possible to play hockey in Texas?

Gary Bettman


Tim said...

Should have spell-checked today, Charlie.

On Udoh - I can't really fault him. Obviously you know him more than I do, but as far as actual basketball is concerned, Beilein's system is not optimal for a player like Udoh offensively, and Beilein couldn't figure out how to use him. On the defensive end, a dominant player is a dominant player. Wherever he ends up, he'll be able to show off his ability to the NBA scouts.

Charles said...

without Ekpe's defense we don't have any good rebounders, and if you don't have good rebounders in the big ten you won't win no matter what system you play with. That is why he was essential.

Keegan said...

Do you know that Beilein didn't try to keep him? I would assume that this was something that Udoh had thought about since Amaker was fired. I don't know, maybe you have more insight, but I would think that Beilein would have tried to keep him, but once Udoh's mind was made up, there was no changing it. I never blame anyone when they transfer after a regime change, unless you're Justin Boren, then you're just a Susan.

Charles said...
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Charles said...

what i meant to say is that i know Ekpe personally, i had a class with him in his freshman year. I know that he initially liked Beiline's system when he first became coach. Even though he wasn't the model player for that system to me he clearly complemented it with defense.

I am blaming Beiline because he didn't get an enthusiastic good player who complements his system to not transfer. I hoped he would be able to do something to not let that happen. Can you blame me for thinking that?

Keegan said...

Not at all. It sounded like you had some insight into it. Thanks